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INSPIRATION &Perspiration

Created by Sarika Ringer, Rhythm&Tone Fitness is an original workout program that syncs exercises to the beat for a total workout. In these dance cardio and strength training sessions, you will increase your cardiorespiratory endurance and boost muscle growth with songs and routines that work your lower body, core, and arms. Plus, yoga flows that complement your weekly workouts to keep your body strong and safe.



Dance cardio + bodyweight exercises


Dumbbell + miniband exercises (no cardio)


Dumbbell + miniband + no equipment exercises under 30 minutes (cardio + strength)

Yoga and Recovery

Dr. Dana Podell, DPT


Sarika Patel Ringer is the founder and creator of Rhythm&Tone. She is a certified personal trainer, and has been leading fitness classes for the last 6 years. She combines her love for dance with foundation exercises to create an energetic, total-body workout that leaves you feeling motivated to take on the day. High amounts of energy is what makes her stand out. She's got plenty to spare, so join her on the journey through dance movement and fitness! 


“Super fun and upbeat class. Sarika has the best energy, she's so encouraging and motivating. She makes you feel you can leave that class and do anything you set your mind to. Much needed positivity and community in a time like this.”

“Love. This. Class. Sarika’s energy is on point. She’s authentic and upbeat. Easy to be comfortable in this virtual class. She is personable and puts everyone at ease. She works hard to make a great class! It shows!”

“Sarika has amazing energy and has fostered a really fun and engaged community. Felt very welcome from the onset. I'm also 7 months pregnant and felt very comfortable modifying the class to my ability.”

“This class is so much fun and I look forward to it all week! It’s the perfect mix of cardio and toning, and I love the combination of hip hop and Bollywood music! Highly recommend!”

“Absolutely loved it! So high energy and I really like that the songs from this week's release of content were incorporated so we can do them live and then potentially practice them on demand :) Really love the new and old mix of songs and the way that everything follows the beat <3 And of course Sarika's unbeatable positive energy!!!”

“Sarika is so passionate about her R&T community. She genuinely cares and puts in the effort to make this a positive, judgment-free environment. For the fire moves, fire playlists, and amazing price point, this class is unbeatable!”

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